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Marine Biology, Ocean Exploration, Rain Forests, Global Warming

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This televised revolution: MultiChoice’s legacy and TV money

The first television station in Nigeria, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) began broadcasting on 31st October 1959. Then, NTA broadcasted under the name; Western Nigerian...

Social media challenges and why they matter

When Paul Anka released Put Your Head on My Shoulder in 1959, could he have foreseen this? That some 42 years from then, it...

The 15 trends that will drive the culture in Nigeria in 2021

As we find ourselves saying often, there is no need for predictions. Only interpretations. Our investigations into the trends and lifestyles that will drive Nigerian cultural and consumer behaviour in the immediate term have yielded the top 15 trends that will translate into economic, political and social outcomes over the year.

Top 10 influencers that capture the elite target market | From The Masterlist

With consistent demand for market expansion and the rise of social commerce, brands are increasingly leveraging on different key influencers, including micro- and nanoinfluencers,...

10 from 20: The breakout stars of 2020! (2)

Welcome back to the 10 from 20 list! Again, our list celebrates the breakout stars of 2020. Young, relatively new artists who rose from...

How Disney is finding its way into Africa with Iwaju

If today, you google “Disney in Africa”, you will find news about goats. No kidding. Go on, try it. You will read about how Disney added...