FENTY x Elsa Majimbo: 5 ways to get endorsement deals

Kenya’s 19-year-old comedian, Elsa Majimbo, who gained popularity for her monologues on Twitter and Instagram since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, says she has bagged a deal with Rihanna‘s fashion brand, Fenty.

She received ‘plenty Fenty’ shades and has said she was proud of her deal. She also thanked the Fenty fam in a tweet.

*Chews Chip*

What does this mean for the African creative?

Africa is filled with young creatives who desire to get to the big stage. Sometimes, we encourage our fears to keep us from going about what we really want, and at other times, we feel like we lack the right equipment or the right space or the right number of followers on social media. In fact, we allow our prejudices take precedence and affect our choices.

Elsa has shown us that the barest minimum is enough to create. She wrote in her bio on Instagram that she creates her videos with an iPhone 6 and edits with an amateur skill level.

*Chews Chip*

This is profound seeing you don’t need to own the world to create what is on your mind. That big idea can be made to fit where you are currently. You don’t have to kill an idea because you could not breakdown your lofty plan into bit and pieces of content we can consume and relate with.

Elsa’s attempt at creating relatable content has landed her a ‘big deal’ and, you will want to ask if she started with the aim of getting an endorsement deal from Fenty. Not really.

This is why we have listed five ideas you can pick from Elsa Majimbo’s endorsement deal:

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  1. Use what you have, wherever you are.
  2. That part of you you think is irrelevant might be the reason you are relevant.
  3. You might not need large and expensive equipment at the beginning.
  4. You might not get an endorsement deal even after you do the above but originality always wins.
  5. Endorse yourself first.

Are you inspired?

Alright, go and create!

*Chews Chip*

And, if you think we are sharing this story because she’s buzzing right now, yes, you’re right!


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