#TFAAspotlight: Meet Kelvin Mutize ‘The Terminator,’ the one who validates the power of role models

Kelvin “Terminator” Tinashe Mutize was born on November 24, 1986, in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. He has over eleven years’ experience working with the marginalised communities; specifically those living with HIV or disabled. 

Kelvin holds a Diploma in Information Technology from McMaine School of Computing, in line with his passion for using technology to tell the stories of people in the spheres he is already involved in.

What else we do we know?

1. He had planned, upon completing his Mandela Fellowship to continue his work in the country he lives and to empower them to tell their stories to inspire Africa and the world.

2. Kelvin is a Content Creator and Photographer for Hot Cherry Media, on a mission to help African social impact projects and non-profits maximise the internet through web and social media strategies in the growth of individuals, brands and organisations.

3. Kelvin is a South and East African Regional Leader for Champions For Life and Trainer at Hot Cherry Media.

4. He was The Future Awards Africa Prize winner for Community Action in 2015, where he received accolades and direct attention on the work he does. 

5. In 2015, Kelvin co-founded YALI Creatives, a Mandela Washington Fellowship group dedicated to music, poetry art; anything creative.

6. He loves traveling and founded KevyChronicles in 2017 with his friend and partner, Zee N Kev – a travel blog of Africa photography and videography; extended to the world. 

7. He is the Team Leader at Champions for Life (CFL), a faith-based program that provides psycho-social support (PSS) and care to adolescents living with HIV.

8. Kelvin is the Founder of Tehila Worship, committed to building lifestyles and altars of worship, as well as organizing worship trainings, schools and seminars.

9. He volunteers at Endless Possibilities where he runs the media department and programmes for the disabled in tertiary institutions. 

10. He works hard and has a passion for the projects to which he has committed himself. Additionally, he is focused on raising people’s awareness of and interest in Africa’s promise, potential, and future.

Kelvin Mutize is the future! 


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