Covid-19 lockdown: African Countries ‘stand at ease’ in the fight against coronavirus

With many African countries easing lockdown and restrictions even with rising cases of coronavirus, questions are screaming to be answered? Did we get tired or was the lockdown ease as a result of controlled use of data to measure the spread of Covid-19?

Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and other African nations are slowly easing the coronavirus lockdown that started at least 6 months ago. With people staying indoors and only going out to get what they need, it seemed like the lockdown was something that would last for the rest of the year. At first, Africans thought that in a few weeks, it will all be over but this is September and it has dawned on us the gravity of the virus spread.

Some believed it was planned, others simply complied knowing how dangerous the virus is.

In the same year, Africa became polio-free. Can you believe that? That’s incredible news! Amidst what seemed like it was all hope lost by Africa when it comes to battling already existing diseases before coronavirus, it feels great that one has been knocked off the shelve.

On Schools reopening after the lockdown.

#Schoolsreopening was trending today in Kenya and in line with easing the lockdown, it is only right that all issues as it concerns the lockdown is at least talked about.

On #schoolsreopening, some tweeps went all comedy on their tweets.

The honest truth is, one of the reasons lockdowns are being eased is because of the economic impact it has had on Africa and other continents, looking at the impact education, religion, tourism etc., would have had if coronavirus never happened.

If we take education for example, a lot of schools did not have the capacity to move online. It was not about lack of technical know-how, it was an outright lack of the facilities to ensure that it works. And even schools who could easily go online, mobile networks and internet facilities were not strong to cater for the volume of traffic having classes online will take. One moment, everyone is great, next thing is, “Did everyone hear me?” referencing your favourite zoom meetings or internet calls.

On Trust Issues

Another issue worthy of looking into is how Africans don’t ‘entirely’ trust their leaders. So many promises have been made yet there is little to show for it when it comes to execution. How many African countries would have taken the coronavirus serious if it was not a global thing? And even when we found out that it was a global thing, it was difficult to believe the number of cases that were being recorded. Somewhere in the minds of African citizens, there was this question of validity of the whole thing?

The truth is, Africa and Africans will amaze you. A continent filled with the most amazing people you can ever meet. Only that we can all do better as citizens and leaders. The continent already experiences a lot of downturns, the least anyone can do as a leader is to make the burden lighter to carry. Let the people know that they have your support instead of the other way round.

As we ‘stand at ease’ in our fight against the coronavirus with respect to the restrictions, let us ensure that we are better than what we were before the lockdown.

Can we commit to this?


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