We bring you those events around Africa that might interest you

What if we knew the events that were about to take place around Africa?” Well, that’s the first step to knowing what was being said about Africa, the latest discussions, solutions to the continent’s numerous problems, etc. So, even if you wouldn’t be able to attend any, you’ll follow it as it happens – on social media, on a website or anywhere else the organisers have chosen to spread the gospel.

See below:

Social Media Week Lagos 2020

Started February 24, 2020, and is reported to have low turnout compared to the 2029 edition that saw over 20,000 attendees across the week and had an online search reach of 557 million. It ends today, February 28, but is considered Africa’s largest tech and innovation event. It is themed HUMAN.X, and, at the end, is expected to be leading an important conversation focused on what it means to take a human-first and experience-driven approach to innovation across industries, our communities and the continent.

SAVCA 2020 Conference

Southern African Venture Capital & Private Equity Association.

With the theme, Connect, Collaborate. Commit, and attracting 195 delegates (local and international institutional investors, fund managers, entrepreneurs, advisors and policy makers) in 2019, the conference showcased various aspects affecting the industry with focus on opportunities to Connect. It also explored ways to Collaborate and Commit to a better future. It took place February 26, 2020, at Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Africa Tech Week

There’s no ‘too many’ tech events for a continent that is hardly in the fourth industrial revolution. Africa Tech Week is a technology conference, an exhibition and a technology awards ceremony for African tech professionals. It focuses on educating Africans on the challenges and opportunities therein effective planning and forward-pushing policies for the fourth industrial revolution. The Tech Week will take place March 4, 2020 – so you can still attend this one.

Women in Tech Africa 2020

Happening March 18, 2020, this will see positive change sessions, inspiring speakers, and innovative tech in one roof. It’s a progressive conference for women in technology in Africa. It is expected to have over 1,000 tech leaders taking a stand to improve diversity and inclusion within the industry.

The Clean Technology Show Africa 2020

This is considered Africa’s leading exhibition, showcasing solutions in solar and renewable innovation. The conference, happening March 31, 2020, will bring together the brightest and most innovative minds who will share investment opportunities across the continent, first-hand knowledge on upcoming projects, and innovation.


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