#ShutItAllDown: Namibian women are tired of being victims of sexual and gender violence

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Young people have been marching in #Namibia against rising cases of sexual and gender-based violence, after police found a body believed to be of a woman who went missing in April.

This is a case of justice crying out. Man’s inhumanity to man will always not be normal and it has to stop.

Check out this thread on twitter to know more about the reason #ShutItAllDown is trending;

The explanation for #ShutitAllDown

While Nigerians are protesting to #ENDSARS and their operations in the country, they are also lending their voice to their sisters in Namibia.

Truly we can all see that justice knows no gender or defines anyone by the country they belong to. We are all humans and deserve to be treated like one.

We stand with you, Namibia. Justice will be done and served to every and any one who has ever been hurt.

We will rise, Namibia.

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