#TFAAspotlight: Arthur Zang, the man from Cameroon who has won the ‘heart’ of the world

Arthur Zang is the CEO and Chief Engineer in Biomedical Engineering Project at Himore Medical Equipments, and was the Chief IT engineer at University Catholique d’afrique Centrale from 2013 till 2014.

He is the creator of the CardioPad tablet.

During his internship in a cardiology institute, Arthur had the idea of creating software capable of reproducing an electrocardiogram on a computer tablet, with a view to making it accessible, via the Internet, to a cardiologist capable of remotely analyzing the recorded data.

What else do we know about Arthur?

  1. He has been featured on Time magazine, BBC, Ideas4Development, Forbes and Rolex.
  2. Forbes magazine described him as “an example of African innovation at its finest.
  3. He was nominated for the The Future Awards Africa Nigeria Prize for Technology, 2015.
  4. He was a speaker at NEF Global Gathering, 2018

While featured by Time Magazine, Zang said the idea came after he was rejected from medical school and decided to study computer science instead. As an intern, Zang met one of those 50 cardiologists who told him rural patients often had to make expensive and dangerous journeys just to get diagnosed correctly. 

He once said “If we want to talk about innovation in Africa, a continent which does not yet have the laboratories it deserves, research needs to be taken much more seriously. Given the budgets allocated to universities, Africa is still a long way off being the leader in innovation. Research continues to be severely hampered by the lack of financing. Raising funds to develop ideas is still not very common in our countries. Yet there is no innovation without research! So, describing Africa as the new Eldorado of innovation leaves me skeptical. My feeling is that we do not know where we are going, as there is no clear vision to launch business sectors and turn start-ups in Cameroon into real industries. We also fail to link universities with business creation. Investing in research is part of a culture which we do not have: the idea is to develop very quickly, sell very quickly and focus on figures, without any really solid foundations.”

Arthur Zang is the future!


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