#TFAAspotlight: Venuste Kubwimana’s activism is the ‘energy’ we all need for a better Africa

The award-winning youth activist and social entrepreneur, Venuste Kubwimana, based in Rwanda and Kenya, is the founder at the International Transformation Foundation (ITF), where he currently serves as a Secretary General.

ITF is an international youth led non-profit organisation providing youth educational and self development programs encompassing leadership and entrepreneurship to harness creativity for youth system that provide jobs; offering security, opportunities to grow, and contribute to the development of our communities.

And there’s more to know about Venuste;

  1. He also served as Oak Human Rights Fellow where he taught a course on Human Rights in global perspective. He was selected for the fellowship to address the theme ‘Water as a human right’ because of the impact ‘A Water Kiosk at school’ has had in local communities in Kenya and Rwanda.
  2. Venuste committed to solving the water problem in his own village. He created water kiosks in schools in Rwanda. He plans to continue his pursuit of sustainable water systems starting from East Africa where his goal is to set up 3 water kiosks in each community. 
  3. Venuste is a Yunus & Youth Fellow and has been recognised as the Global innovator of the year Award, the Aprica Top 50 Innovators and the American Express Emerging Innovators (East Africa Cohort).
  4. He also planned to execute the “1 Slum 100 computers”, a project that will provide free computer training and entrepreneurship mentoring for disadvantaged youths in Easter Nairobi slums and informal settlements. 
  5. He was nominated for The Future Africa Awards, prize in enterprise support, 2015.
  6. In 2017, he and his team were in Nairobi’s streets piloting this new idea of specially designed reusable water bottles vending bikes. The idea was to distribute reusable bottles at an affordable price while at the same time offering job opportunities to unemployable youth and women.
  7. He was one of the YouthSolutions innovators in 2019, who empowers local communities in Rwanda and Kenya through school-based, student-managed water kiosks.

Venuste is the future!


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