#54DegreesAcrossAfrica: Wildfire on Mount Kilimanjaro and all the news updates from East Africa you might have missed

These are the major stories around the top cities in East Africa today.

Kenya (#SchoolsReopening)

Schools reopened in Kenya today

Some teachers were reminiscing old days.

Tanzania (Mount Kilimanjaro)

Communities in Tanzania living near Mount Kilimanjaro have been battling a wildfire on the mountain – Africa’s highest peak – that broke out on Sunday afternoon.

Ethiopia (#AmharaGenocide)

Christians are being killed in Ethiopia.

There’s also a swarm of locusts around the country and this happened;


Uganda is keeping to their curfew schedule.

First Lady Jeannette Kagame launched a campaign aimed at ending child sexual abuse.

Here are the updates and trends around East Africa today.


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