#CongoIsBleeding and here’s why it hurts deeply

Congo is currently going through a silent holocaust. Millions of people are being killed so that the western world can benefit from its natural resources.

Congo has the largest reserve of coltan. Coltan is a critical mineral needed for electronic devices, aerospace, and the innovation of technology.

It is reported that USA, UK, FRANCE etc are providing financial and military aid to Uganda and Rwanda to invade region filled with Coltan reserved. As they invade, millions of civilians are killed. Multinational mining companies are created to source Coltan. These companies are enslaving men, women, and children to mine.

The Congolese men, women and children are tortured, starved, raped and killed. The statistics reported reads that 48 women are raped every hour, millions displaced, over 6 million are killed and half of them are children.

Check the video in this tweet;

In the past few months, there’s been an outcry in some African countries for justice. How loud are Africans expected to be to be heard? Or maybe we need to listen within because the solution lies in our hearts.

Here are Africans being united about all the issues going on around the continent;

Congo is not just in need of First Aid as a nation. Congo needs to be placed in an intensive care unit. Since what is being reported is true, then we have to get to the root of the issue to nip it in the bud. We are never too far to get it right as a continent and Congo is definitely redeemable.

But what happens to the millions of Congolese people who have died or have been enslaved?

#CongoisBleeding and we need to stop the flow.


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