Bobi Wine encourages Ugandans as voting closes | 5 Things That Should Matter Today

  1. Bobi Wine encourages Ugandans as voting closes

As voting officially closes in Uganda, foremost opposition candidate in Uganda’s Presidential election, Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) has encouraged other statesmen and nationals to be vigilant and stay courageous.

Bobi wine also revealed that his phone had been blocked, making him unable to make or receive calls again after the close of the voting.

2. Zimbabwe issues directives for burial of COVID-19 related casualties

Zimbabwe government has issued directives on how COVID-19 Casualties must be buried. The government has urged citizens to bury the dead in the city which they died rather than transporting it to a different location. The move is said to help curtail further spread of the virus.

3. Nigeria records highest number of COVID-19 related deaths since 2020

The latest update on COVID-19 in Nigeria shows that the West African country has recorded another all-time high for COVID-19 related deaths in a day.

On June 16 2020, the country recorded 21 deaths which have now been topped to 23 according to the latest update by The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC.

4. Congo Election: Electoral Commission announces poll dates

The Republic of Congo’s electoral commission has announced March 12 as the date for its presidential election.

The Electoral Commission further confirmed that the defence and security forces will vote later on March 17, allowing the army and police to devote themselves to securing the voting process on Election Day.

This will, however, be the first time that voters will go to the polls in two phases since the first multi-party presidential election in 1992.

5. COVID-19: Variant found in Kenya

Researchers at Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) has discovered a new variant of COVID-19 that is unique only to Kenya.

The unique variant had been detected in the country following a study done between June and October.

Unlike the South Africa and the UK variants with eight and nine changes respectively, the Kenya COVID-19 variant has only one change.


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