Changing women’s representation through photography + Other best reads of the week

Visual storytelling from a woman’s perspective is a phenomenon the world needs more of. Yvonne Etinosa is a Nigerian based photographer, who has dedicated her life to documenting the realities in rural towns in Nigeria, especially of women. And here, she is documenting how women living in rural areas are dealing with the effects of Covid-19

How the coronavirus pandemic has shown us that we’re interdependent nations

Now, more than ever, owing to the current pandemic, humanity needs cooperation. This was the basis of the video conference call on Road and Belt international, that was held on June 18, with 24 countries represented. The idea is to foster a global collaborative effort. They discussed how beating the coronavirus will require selflessly combining resources with each other, particularly medical supplies.

East African economies can be reopened, but with caution

The number one issue we face in Africa, as we deal with a pandemic, is our government’s inability to sustain the initiatives, and provide the resources necessary for its people to observe a proper lock-down, without worry for basic amenities. This is why the spike in reported cases of Covid-19 in East Africa hasn’t stopped, yet governments have decided to move on with the next phase of easing the lock-down as it cannot, on its own, cushion the economic downturn the region is facing.

Energy can power Africa’s recovery from pandemic and recession

One of the issues synonymous to the African struggle is unavailability of basic necessities,  like food, water, and electricity. But in this case, lack of electricity is particularly troubling. To bounce back from the Coronavirus induced recession, and avoid mass distress, by expatiating economic activities, once things become normal, access to power is pivotal.

To confront its past, Europe needs Truth & Reconciliation Commissions

The recent killing of an unarmed black man, and the subsequent protest that ensued, is a call to revisit some of our history. To create a progerssive future, one where race based hate is non-existent, we must go back in time to review the things that had otherwise hindered said objective. Racism has a deep root and that root must be uprooted.


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