#TFAAspotlight: What you didn’t know about Lily Kudzro, a social entrepreneur and amazing creative

Lily Kudzro is the Founder and Executive Director of Devio Early Childhood Institute – whose mission is to develop a more creative, playful, inclusive and skilled workforce in early childhood education who can champion the intellectual and holistic needs of all children they engage. Call her an early childhood education activist.

What else do we know?

  1. Lily is a social entrepreneur, who believes that children and young people can create and inspire their own future and can become change-makers in their communities.
  2. She makes use of creative and imaginative ways to introduce students and schools to practical visual arts application.
  3. A strong advocate for attitude and policy change towards improving the overall quality of STEAM education in African schools, Kudzro has impacted children numbering thousands.
  4. As a human rights activist, Lily recognised that creative arts in Ghana, particularly fine arts, were being devalued in Ghana’s education system. She found that most graduates were trained to manage existing systems. But, without creative education, few had been taught to creatively problem solve, a skill that she found to be a huge advantage in the workplace.
  5. Lily’s Devio engages children through technology (robotics), creative arts, play, and basic sign language.
  6. She is the Winner, Ghana Start up cup awards, 2014.
  7. Winner, Pacesetter Certificate Award, 2014
  8. She is the winner of The Future Awards Africa Prize in Education, 2015.
  9. The 32-year-old is the 0rganiser of the Global Sign Challenge – an annual event that seeks to celebrate the amazing stories of how individuals around the world are using their National Sign Languages to improve children’s communication skills and learning. Our overall vision is to get sign language introduced in all early childhood programs worldwide by 2030.
  10. She one said, “There is no competition in trying to change the world, take action and bold steps because the entire world is crying for help.”

Lily Kudzro is the future.


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