DRC: Former police chief wanted by authorities, Tigray: Men forced to rape family members, UN reports | 5 Things That Should Matter Today

Across the 54 Countries in Africa, these are the 5 top stories you may have missed:

DRC: Former police chief wanted by authorities

Federal Prosecutors of the Democratic Republic of Congo have opened an investigation into former police chief General John Numbi over the high-profile murder of a human rights activist – Africa News reports

General Numbi has been named a suspect in orchestrating the killing of Floribert Chebeya, whose body was found in his car on the outskirts of the capital city of Kinshasa in June 2010.

According to reports, Chebeye, head of the Voice for the Voiceless (VSV) group, was summoned to a police station to meet General Numbi, a day before the murder.

South Sudan: EU Sanctions South Sudan General Over Human Rights Violations

The European Union has sanctioned South Sudan’s army general Gabriel Moses Lokujo over violations of human rights – All Africa reports

According to reports, the EU described the sanction as a signal and strong determination as a stand up for human rights and taking tangible action against those responsible for violations and abuses.

“In South Sudan, the sanctioned individual is Gabriel Moses Lokujo, who has been responsible for grave human rights violations connected to his defection followed by attacks on civilians,” parts of the statement reads.

Zuma: SA Constitutional Court reserves judgment

South Africa’s Constitutional Court has reserved judgement in an application put forward by the State Capture Commission to have former president Jacob Zuma jailed over his refusal to appear before the court proceedings – News Central Africa reports

The country’s apex court heard the commission’s bid on Thursday, March 25, 2021, during a virtual sitting.

Tigray: Men forced to rape family members, UN reports

Over 500 rape cases were reported to five clinics in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, the United Nations said on Thursday, 25th March – Aljazeera Africa reports

According to the UN report, men were also forced to rape their family members.

“Women say they have been raped by armed actors, they also told stories of gang rape, rape in front of family members and men being forced to rape their own family members under the threat of violence,” Wafaa Said, deputy UN aid coordinator in Ethiopia, said in a briefing to UN member states in New York.

Libya calls for foreign mercenaries to leave

Libya’s new unity government has announced the immediate withdrawal of all foreign fighters from the country – BBC Africa reports

Thousands of foreign mercenaries have supported opposing sides in the civil war that followed the removal of the Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi in 2011.



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