South Africa may look good on the outside but on the inside, its state of affairs is abysmal

You don’t need to look past South Africa to see a real life definition of a paradox. Arguably the most technologically advanced African country, and one of the largest economies in the continent, South Africa is an industrial powerhouse, boasting major relevance in textile, art, automobile, electronics and agriculture, including successes in other sectors. But this facade can easily deviate your attention from the horrible standard of living and mass poverty many of the indigenous people are subjected to.

A Nollywood movie about homosexual love, may just be the bravest thing done in the industry so far

It’s a never ending battle, trying to topple cultural norms and instill in society, social codes that fosters progressive growth to the entire society at large, but someone has to do it. In an intensely homophobic community, Nigerian filmmaker, Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim, is taking on the issue of homosexual relationships and she is using her movie Ife to tell this story. 

$12 million for Kenyan Environmentalist who has been in the fight for over a decade

The decade-long struggle of Kenyan environmental activist finally amounted to a $12 million grant dedicated to the cause which she spent over ten years pleading. The environmentalist who predicted the dangers of lead poisoning by a factory to a nearby community faced intense scrutiny and harassment for voicing out against the big cooperation, never the less, she endured and her persistence has finally paid off.

TikTok video lands two local Egyptian women in prison

Self expression or public indecency, depending on where in the world you find yourself, you could be labelled one or the other, should you not wear the what is deemed culturally appropriate. Unfortunately, for some young women in Egypt who were arrested, fined $19,000, and sentenced to two years in prison, for uploading a dance video on TikTok, the later seemed to be their reality.

Namibia champions a sustainable economic solution

Good news for the southern region of Africa, as the new regime in Namibia hopes to inspire the entire continent with it’s blue economic strategy. The plan is centered around the development of marine mining, tourism, port infrastructure and services in an ecologically sustainable manner. It’s taking an environmental approach in creating industrial opportunities.


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