Volcanic eruption in DRC displaces thousands; AU suspends Mali | 5 Things That Should Matter

Across the 54 Countries in Africa, these are the 5 top stories you may have missed:

Buhari promises to “shock” those disrupting the peace

Following a briefing session from the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Mahmood Yakubu, at the State House, on Tuesday in Abuja, on the state of insecurity around the country, President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to take swift and decisive action against those who wish to disrupt national security. In a statement he made, he mentioned that,

“I receive daily security reports on the attacks, and it is very clear that those behind them want this administration to fail.

“Insecurity in Nigeria is now mentioned all over the world. All the people who want power, whoever they are, you wonder what they really want.

“Whoever wants the destruction of the system will soon have the shock of their lives. We’ve given them enough time.” Premium Times

African Union Suspends Mali

In the wake of the military coup that was carried out last week in Mali, the African Union has reacted, suspending the conflict torn West African Country. The organisation urged that the Mali return back to civilian rule or risk getting sanction or getting other punitive measures imposed on them.

On Monday, leaders of the West African bloc ECOWAS also suspended Mali’s membership, calling on the military government to adhere to an 18-month transition period towards presidential elections next February. – BBC Africa

Volcanic eruption in DRC displaces thousands

A huge crisis faces citizens of The Democratic Republic of Congo, after a volcanic eruption rendered around 500,000 of its population parched.

The eruption of Mount Nyiragongo, which damaged a reservoir and pipelines in the region of Goma, did not only leave the residents of this province without clean water, it also displaced thousands from their homes.

Mount Nyiragongo, 10km (six miles) from Goma, spewed lava 10 days ago, killing 32 people, the UN says.BBC Africa

Tensions rise between Spain and Morocco

Spain and Morocco recently got into a bind after thousands of Moroccans took advantage of Spain’s relaxed border control by illegally mass migrating.

According to reports, the North African hopefuls swam or paddled in inflatable boats onto the European soil. This crisis has soured relationships between the two countries as they both trade accusations based on the issue. – Reuters

Kenyan billionaire found in Turkey

Turkish authorities have admitted to abducting Nairobi-based Turkish billionaire, Selahaddin Gulen. His abductors accused him of being a member of the outlawed Fetullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO). 

“Mr Selahaddin Gulen who is a relative of FETO’s ringleader Fetullah Gulen fled abroad with help of the group’s covert structure,” Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) stated through state news agency, Anadolu. – KenyanCo    


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