Ballot counting commences after tense election in Benin, Rebels attack Chad borders after election | 5 Things That Should Matter Today

Across the 54 Countries in Africa, these are the 5 top stories you may have missed:

Ballot counting commences after tense election in Benin

Ballot counting commenced in Benin, Monday, 12th April, after an election with suspense as President Patrice Talon looked ready to win a second term following a tense campaign – Africa News reports

The voting process was largely peaceful in the West African nation once praised as a vibrant democracy, however, critics have accused Talon of rigging Sunday’s ballot by sidelining opposition leaders.

Rebels attack Chad borders after election

A group of Libya-based insurgents attacked a Chadian border post in the north of the nation as polling stations commenced counting votes from last weekend’s presidential election – Reuters Africa reports

Idriss Deby, Chad’s president, also sought to extend his 30-year-rule over the central African country in an election boycotted by several opposition groups.

Twitter sets up African Headquarters in Ghana

Twitter has announced that its Africa headquarters will be in Ghana. Fittingly, the company’s co-founder Jack Dorsey made the announcement on Twitter:

Excited about the update, Ghanaian President, Nana Akufo-Addo replied on Twitter, revealing that he and Mr Dorsey had had a remote meeting last week.

DR Congo president takes full control in new cabinet

Prime Minister of The Democratic Republic of Congo, Jean-Michel Sama Lukondeon, on Monday, 12th April, announced a new cabinet in a move that consolidates President Felix Tshisekedi’s control in government – BBC Africa reports

The new government of the Sacred Union coalition will house 57 members including 14 women, with only 10 from the previous cabinet being reappointed.

COVID-19 Updates

As of April 12, confirmed cases of Covid-19 from 55 African countries reached  4,350,198  while over 8,365,802 vaccinations have been administered across the continent – All Africa reports

Reported deaths in Africa reached 115,710  and 3,883,073  people have recovered. South Africa has the most reported cases – 1,558,458  – and  53,322  people died. Other most-affected countries are Morocco ( 502,102 ), Tunisia ( 271,861 ), Ethiopia ( 228,996 ), Egypt ( 210,489 ) and Libya ( 167,825 ).


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