Zimbabwean media personality, Scola Dondo gives healthy living tips for weight-loss

UK-based Zimbabwean media personality and TV host, Scola Dondo is known to give out priceless healthy living advice to her fans and followers.

In her latest post on her YouTube channel, Scola makes a record of what she eats and dishes out the appropriate advice for viewers who are trying to shed some weight.

In the video which she titled “calorie counting”, Dondo advises fans that one way to keep track of their weight loss journey is to measure up what they eat daily, just as she takes note of what she ingests every day.

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Before moving to the United Kingdom, Scola Dondo played an important role in educating people on healthy exercise and nutrition. She still describes herself as an exercise and nutrition expert.


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 Scola became popular on the social media space after her first video on YouTube depicted her weight loss journey. Scola has also done a good job documenting her progress across various social media channels

In this video which she recently uploaded, Scola mentions that she eats roughly about 1600 calories a day.


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The video has also gotten quite the reactions from her fans who appreciated the advice and appreciating her for presenting herself in the most original form there is. Scola has also promised to upload a follow-up video where she would list things she got from her grocery haul.

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Scola was listed on Y! Africa’s most inspiring young people on the continent.


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