#TFAAspotlight: Duran De Villiers, shaping Africa’s aerial view

Duran De Villiers is the founder of ALTI UAS, which currently serves as the world’s leading VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) commercial unmanned aircraft manufacturing company. To date, ALTI has developed different sized rapidly deployable aircraft to match almost any customers’ demand. 

He created SteadiDrone, a South Africa-based company that manufactures and sells small unmanned aerial systems (or drones) for both recreational and commercial use. 

Right from his early 20’s, Duran had started his media production company called Motion Pixel from his kitchen counter which later expanded and went on to set up an online retailing photographic lighting equipment. 

While running his media outfit, he thought of deploying drones for aerial photography and video coverage. He went ahead and sold his media production outfit and started SteadiDrone in 2012 at just 27 years.

What else do we know about Duran De villers?

  1. He has been featured as one of the 4 young Africans that have distinguished themselves in business on The African leadership Magazine. He has also been featured on “How we made it in Africa”.
  2. He was also nominated as one of Africa’s Brightest and Inspiring Entrepreneurs on Forbes 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa 2015.
  3. He has been featured in Destiny Man’s “2015 Power of 40” Top 40 Men under 4 doing great things in their industry by Destiny Man Magazine.
  4. He is a recipient of Sanlam Top Young Entrepreneur Award in 2016.
  5. Duran was nominated in The Future Awards Africa 2015 prize for Technology.
  6. He is the Winner of the 2013 STEP UP Technology and Innovation. 
  7. Duran De Villiers was hosted by Startup Grind Cape Town, 2018.

His words:

“I’ve seen too many startups’ spend more time looking for money than actually just getting on with it.”

We started Motion Pixel on our kitchen counter, worked until we could afford a bigger space, then worked some more…”

“We have to date not had any outside funding, loans or investors As the saying goes, “Faithful with little, faithful with much.”

“Forget about waiting for funding Dream and do it now”- Advice from Duran.

Duran is the future!


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