#TFAASPOTLIGHT: Titus Mawano, creating solutions to prevent business drop-out

Titus Mawano is the CEO at Ffene Ltd.

At the age of 21, Mawano dropped out of school in his third year while studying Computer Science in Virginia Tech in the United States to create “Ffene”- a low cost business management platform that helps small and medium businesses run more efficiently, make better decisions and save money on administrative costs.

It helps SME’s with balancing accounts, inventory and data management and has helped SME’s in Uganda simplify complex processes of business data with full mobile access.

According to Mawano, “Most SME’s in Africa store data on paper. While over 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises do not have any from of automation in their business processes which hampers down business and prevents them from getting any valuable insights out of their data that would enable them make intelligent decisions. This was the problem he wanted to solve.”

The main advantage businesses will derive from “Ffene” is the automatic processing of data.”So, all a business owner has to do is enter sales, expenses and such and the software automatically calculates trends and financial statements – profit and loss, balance sheet etc.”

Ffene plays a major role not only in the Ugandan market, but also in the Africa tech startup scene as a whole. It is quietly replacing the traditional form of accounting to using standard business management software as it runs on both desktop and mobile devices.

What more do we know about Titus?

In June 2012, barely a year after he dropped out of school to face his business, the Ugandan techpreneur emerged the winner of the World bank sponsored “Apps For Africa 2012 challenge and was awarded $10,000 to continue to scale Ffene to more businesses.

In 2013, he placed second in the in the 2013 “Anzisha Prize,” a competition that recognises and celebrates Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs who have implemented business solutions that impact their communities.

Mawano had this to say in an interview granted by Ventures Africa blog,

“For those who are willing to start a small or venture into business, they need to start now. Even if it’s just doing research. Any time they do not use, is wasted.”

“I had fears starting out Ffene, But it was what I wanted to do. The day I started the company, I knew it was a right path. It wasn’t going to be easy, but it was the right path.”

Titus Mawano is the future.


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