A packing checklist for an African safari

Packing for a trip, domestic or international, can be quite mentally tasking; especially for first time travellers, or people visiting somewhere for the first time. Most people don’t even know where to start from because when you under pack, you could easily miss out on a lot of activities on your trip and if you over pack, you’re running the risk of paying for excess luggage and might even stop you from buying souvenirs from your trip. That’s why it’s advisable to have a travel checklist.

This could easily be printed out or be written on a phone note app as well as other apps that let’s you plan.

  1. Travel documents

This is important for obvious reasons. These are documents you need to travel as it will be a shame to get to the airport, bus station or sea port and be delayed or miss the transport for forgetting important documents. These include passport/visa, boarding passes, emergency documents (insurance card, allergy list) etc.

2. Funds

This includes wallet, debit card, credit card etc, so you are able to pay for services received, goods bought, shopping…

3. Essentials

These are things you use on a regular basis, like cellphone and chargers, laptops, keys, glasses, medications, camera, books, headphones, etc.

4. Toiletries

Toothbrush, tooth paste, skin care products, deodorants, shampoos, shaving items, hairbrush, perfumes, etc.

5. Clothing

Casuals, shirts, bottoms, underwear, sweaters, ties and socks (if needed), bags and purses, hats, swimwear (if needed), nightwear, shoes, flip-flops and accessories (wristwatches, rings, bracelets) etc.


This is a space to fill other important things needed for your trip so you don’t miss it



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