Moroccan Taha Fahssi is leading rap music up in international charts

Moroccan rapper, Taha Fahssi, also known as El Grande Toto, is taking Moroccan rap music to the international scene with his creative rap music style.

El Grande remains one of the most streamed artists in Morocco and has continued to shine with over 20 million people from various countries listening to his tunes on Spotify, the 24-year-old has started to make a name for himself in the music industry.

In a recent chart by Spotify, El Grande’s album debut, Cameleon sits at the number 6 position on The Global Rap Album Debut chart. The rapper also took to social media to share the update as he stated his excitement.

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El Grande was also featured on the Y! Africa list of 500 most inspiring youth on the continent (North Africa), earlier in February 2021.

“Moroccan rappers are working hard, Moroccan producers are working hard, Moroccan engineers are working hard, everyone here is working, we work like crazy. We don’t have the adequate industry, things are starting to grow now”, explains El Grande Toto in another tweet.

“But we can consider ourselves lucky. Who would have imagined one day, seeing the van of an online platform bearing the face of a rapper touring around Casablanca, who would have imagined one day a Moroccan rapper appearing in Paris?”, says Taha Fahssi.

For the artist, like many other artists, Social Media has been a useful tool in promoting their art form. Social Media has made it possible for Rap artist and many other genres of artists to catch the attention of many others outside North Africa, and Africa at large.


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